Welcome to the Saffron Indian Restaurant website. The restaurant itself is situated on Church Street, Barmouth. It is the oldest, most original restaurant in the local area.

Welcome to the Saffron Indian Restaurant website. We are proud to say that Saffron is the original and the oldest Indian restaurant in Barmouth and the surrounding area. We are a family run business who has been serving our locals and tourists for almost 20 years. Saffron employs staff who are very friendly and extremely courteous; this is so our customers can receive the best custom when choosing our Indian cuisine. Our restaurant has just had a refurbishment with a modern décor, bringing a cool ambience that everyone can enjoy.

Saffron offers an extensive menu along with wine lists and daily specials that will defiantly excite your taste buds! English meals are also offered to individuals that tag along but do not want to eat Indian food. Saffron also offers great options to customers who are dieting with Weight Watchers or Slimming World. All dietary needs are catered for on our menu and kitchens. Please see below in our ‘Dietary Requirements Section’. Along with all our curries and dishes on our menu, there is one that Saffron love to serve from a great legend of the town called Jolly’s Revenge. WARNING this is our hottest curry on the menu, if any of our customers are able to eat this entire dish, we give it to them free, no charge! So if you’re up for a challenge Saffron is defiantly the place to be!